Call for Applications: IRIS Center Faculty Fellowships

The IRIS Center for Digital Humanities and Social Sciences at SIUE is pleased to announce the creation of two fellowships to support tenure-track and tenured faculty who wish to pursue research or creative work with a digital component. The fellowship comes with one course release that may be taken in either Fall 2023 or Spring 2024. It is hoped that these fellowships will help advance digital humanistic scholarship at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. We encourage applications from faculty across all schools and colleges at SIUE and particularly welcome applications from junior faculty.

The field of digital humanities (DH) comprises a wide variety of methods that use technology to further our understanding of fields like history, literature, linguistics, geography, and more. DH practitioners put digital tools to work in the classroom, in their research, and in the community. Examples of DH methods and research areas include (but are not limited to): data analysis, data visualization and mapping, digital archives, text analysis, digital storytelling, digital infrastructures, and digital ethics. We encourage applicants to consult the IRIS website to see examples of DH work.

Applications should emphasize projects that engage with the humanities and meaningfully include digital tools and practices. While the fellowship project must have a research focus, we welcome projects that include community collaboration and/or participation, as well as pedagogical outputs. The fellowship will culminate in a submission for external funding during or at the end of the fellowship period. Interested faculty should consult with their department chair in advance of submitting a letter of intent, regarding availability for release from courses during fellowship period.

Fellowship benefits:

In addition to a course release, fellows will have access to IRIS resources, including equipment, software, and people. During the fellowship period, IRIS faculty will provide faculty fellows with regular interaction and feedback on their projects, as well as grant-sourcing and grant-writing support. The fellows will also have full use of IRIS Center facilities, including a space for individual work.

Fellowship requirements:

  • During the fellowship period, meet with IRIS faculty regularly to discuss progress and address challenges. The IRIS faculty also strongly encourage regular participation in other IRIS events, including weekly coffee hours and staff meetings
  • During Spring 2024 semester, present fellowship research at an IRIS Morning Bytes event
  • During or at the end of the fellowship period, submit a proposal to an external funding agency
  • At the end of the fellowship period, compose a white paper or other documentation of fellowship-period activities

Application procedures and key dates:

Applicants should carefully consider projects that fall within the scope of what the IRIS Center is able to support. We recognize that digital research methods and components may be a new area for many faculty and have structured the application process to offer guidance and support in creating strong applications.

March 15, 2023: Submit a one- to two-page letter of intent through this Qualtrics form describing your proposed project in broad strokes, emphasizing key research questions. Upon receipt, IRIS faculty will meet with applicants to discuss feasibility, IRIS and SIUE resources, and other considerations that may influence the final project proposal.

April 12, 2023: Based on discussions with IRIS faculty, submit a full application that includes the following pieces:

  • A two-page CV
  • A two-page project description detailing methods, audience, outcomes
  • A letter from your department chair confirming the approval of a course release during the academic year

Applicants will be notified of decisions by May 10, 2023, and an initial orientation meeting between the faculty fellows and IRIS faculty will take place in August 2023.