The minor in digital humanities and social sciences is a multi-disciplinary program administered by several departments. The digital humanities and social science encompasses the use of computing and computing-related technologies as a primary methodological focus of research within fields like history, philosophy, literature, linguistics, art, archaeology, sociology, and cultural anthropology. Scholars engaging in such practices use computers as more than just tools; rather, they use computing to re-imagine how they might interpret and/or share their research. Students who participate in this minor will be given the opportunity to develop vocational skills that will greatly enhance the marketability of their humanities and/or social sciences degree while developing strong mentoring relationships with faculty. Students will work with members of the IRIS Center, facilitating cross-disciplinary and collaborative projects that involve applications, enhancements, andre-conceptualizations of information technologies in the humanities and social sciences. Students enrolled in the minor will complete a minimum of 18 credit hours, to be divided between 7 credit hours of required courses, and 12 credit hours of elective courses. Additional Resources: Dr. Jessica DeSpain and Dr. Kristine Hildebrandt currently supervise this minor. You can contact them with questions.
“My digital humanities minor allowed me to combine two passions of mine: computers and the humanities.  This has made my education more well-rounded and improved my marketability to both jobs and grad school.  The minor is the reason why I have a job now as the IRIS Technician.” -Ben Ostermeier, Class of 2016
“Going through the process of getting a minor in the Digital Humanities has been both beneficial and enlightening.  I get to learn computer skills that I would not have previously learned through regular humanities classes and I get to relate this technical knowledge to literature in ways that make me expand my understanding of textual studies.  This minor helps me understand the advancement and preservation of the field of English studies.” -Gabrielle Borders, Class of  2018

Minor Advising Checklist

Download the DHSS minor advising checklist.