Spotlight on IRIS-affiliated Project: Revival Arts of Worldly Glory

Revival Arts of Worldly Glory is a virtual exhibit of art that has been created for the revitalization of ancient Indo-European wisdom. The artists in this digital exhibition, created and curated by SIUE Anthropology Alum Danielle MacDonald,  have been posting images of their art for the online market, using the internet to find their audience, which is spread out across national borders. By using pagan iconography, they attract those seeking ancient wisdom on their own paths of spiritual revitalization. threeartistsofRAWG_edited-1 These artists are part of and instrumental in the formation of an online religious minority community. Unlike other religious movements that occur within one place, this movement is happening all over the globe. People of diverse backgrounds and beliefs choose online forums to explore ideas and make connections. Anthro In this virtual exhibit you will find the works of Gill Rippingale in United Kingdom, Ivan Govaerts in Belgium, and Freki Jungnickel Wodenswolf in Sweden. Their modern mediums include wooden plaques and boxes, tattoos, antler, gourds, paper, horns, and leather. These artists have been following their own curiosity about the past, researching, analyzing, and choosing motifs of personal significance. They synthesize a wide array of motifs and ideas into original works of art. Ultimately they are creating a new genre of art that reaches cosmological dimensions and touches depths of universal human experience. The artworks in this exhibit revive previously hidden and lost symbols that liberate consciousness and promote community transformation.

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