An IRIS Center User Profile: Dr. Johanna Schmitz

The IRIS Center at SIUE is a great resource for faculty who work with students on a variety of digital initiatives. One example is Dr. Johanna Schmitz, PhD, faculty in the Theater and Dance department at SIUE. elizabethan Dr. Schmitz uses the resources at the IRIS Center to help build he digital archive for the archaeological remains of an Elizabethan Theatre in London. Her student research assistants include Grace Matthews (an M.A. student in English), Teryl Thurman (a Theater History/Dramatic Literature major and URCA assistant) and Julie Burdick (a History major and also an URCA assistant). Together, Dr. Schmitz and her students work to scan, edit, catalog and preserve collected material including paper documents and printed photographs on the special equipment only available in the IRIS Center.

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