SEMO Thatcamp

… Held at Arcadia Valley Academy on Saturday September 28, 2013

SEMO Thatcamp
Hosted by Arcadia Academy, organized by Melissa Miles McCarter

We learned:

  • That the organizer (Melissa Miles McCarter) was able to pull together an informative, fun, and connection-fostering workshop on the digital humanities without direct involvement or assistance from an institution of higher education (this is a first!)
  • That the Arcadia Valley community played many different roles in making this THATCamp possible (from venue, to materials, to the delicious food)
  • That there are many cool tools out there for digital humanists to use, including tools for responsive web design and development, IDEO (idea generation tools in areas of education, social innovation and digital experiences), there are connections between i-ching and hypertext and smartbots, (free) data visualization tools like Tableau Public and Many Eyes
  • That the participants of this THATCamp are seriously invested in digital humanities discussions, debates and initiatives, and the possible roles they can play in these issues
  • That these participants come from varied walks of like and interests like journalism, education, politics, social mobilization, information technology and publishing; some are high school and university students, and some are teachers
  • That these participants are actively invested in the potentials of reciprocal relationships between digital humanities and rural communities of Missouri and Illinois

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