The Type Field

In this field, put the “type” of item being added. The options have been limited with a drop down menu in Omeka. They include:

Binding: This includes full covers, fore edges, heads, tails, pastedowns, and endpapers.

Document: Not used for items related to an edition of a book. This is a catch-all type for items like a publisher’s record book.


Illustration: This includes frontispieces, title page vignettes, and in-text illustrations

Paratext: This includes title pages, half-title pages, tables of contents, lists of illustrations, prefaces, flyleaves, blanks, tissues, copyright pages, and advertisements.

Letter: Correspondence

Map: a geographical map

Review: Reviews of the novel

Still Image: A catch-all for items not in a book that are an image rather than a document.

TEI Document: only our TEI-encoded texts are given this item type.


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