The Relation Field

The relation field allows us to establish what relationship our image has to other sources. We will establish relationships by using a word string followed by the unique identifier for either books or items within books. In a word string there is no spaces and each word in the string starts with a capital letter. It is VERY Important to separate the word string and the unique identifier with a space so that this users of the site can use the field to search for either all of the items that belong to a particular edition or all of the items that bare a specific relationship to a particular edition.

Word String Options:

  • Always use the “IsPartOf” Relation to indicate that the source is part of one of the books in our full collection. If an item was derived from 13CIA, in the first input box, type: “IsPartOf 13CIA.”
  • Run a conclusive search on all illustrations and prefaces to find out whether the item is unique or was first used in an earlier version of the novel. If an illustration or preface was first used in another edition, use the “IsBasedOn” word string with the full unique identifier for the item from which the earlier illustration or preface was derived: “IsBasedOn 13CIA_12_256a”.
  • If the illustration or preface is a source for future illustrations or prefaces, use “IsBasisFor”

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