The Identifier Field

Refer to the bibliography on the project server for the unique identifier for the book from which the item is derived.

To this, add  a suffix corresponding to the type of item being added (see below), as well as an additional suffix if that item has a page number. For example,  2DES_28_353 would indicate that the image appears in book 2DES, that it is a decoration, and that it occurs on page 353 of the text. If you are working for a piece of text that doesn’t have assigned page numbers, like the Table of Contents, use the page number assigned to the item in its file name (e.g. 001d)

Item Type Suffixes:

  1. Full Cover
  2. Front Cover
  3. Back Cover
  4. Spine
  5. Dust Jacket
  6. Recto of Flyleaf
  7. Verso of Flyleaf
  8. Front Pastedown
  9. Back Pastedown
  10. Recto of Blank
  11. Verso of Blank
  12. Half-Title Page
  13. Verso of Half-Title Page
  14. Frontispiece
  15. Recto of Frontispiece
  16. Title Page Vignette
  17. Verso of Title Page Vignette
  18. Title Page
  19. Verso of Title Page
  20. Copyright Page
  21. Preface
  22. Verso of Preface
  23. Table of Contents
  24. Verso of Table of Contents
  25. List of Illustrations
  26. Verso of List of Illustrations
  27. First Page of Text
  28. Decoration
  29. Recto of Page Preceding Illustration
  30. Verso of Page Preceding Illustration
  31. Recto of Tissue
  32. Verso of Tissue
  33. Illustration
  34. Recto of Illustration
  35. Verso of Illustration
  36. Verso of Last Page of Text
  37. Advertisement
  38. Recto of Advertisement
  39. Verso of Advertisement
  40. Fore Edge
  41. Head
  42. Tail
  43. TEI Document
  44. epub
  45. Chapter Break
  46. Front Dust Jacket Flap
  47. Back Dust Jacket Flap
  48. Bookmark
  49. Series Title Page

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