Why “Going Dark is Important”
The protests and web-page black-outs surrounding the proposed SOPA/PIPA legislation are a salient reminder of ultimate origins and necessary stewardship responsibility of the World Wide Web: us....Read More
The Digital Humanities Summer Institute-University of Victoria
The Digital Humanities Summer Institute at the University of Victoria has just released their summer course list and registration. Courses in beginning digitization fundamentals and their application, introductory XSLT,...Read More
IRIS is atwitter
You can now follow IRIS on twitter @SIUeIris. We also have an SIUE IRIS Facebook Page...Read More
Kelly Awarded HASTAC Fellowship
English graduate student, Consuella Kelly, has been awarded a fellowship by the SIUe Graduate School to participate in the online scholars consortium, Humanities Arts Sciences Advanced Collaboratory (HASTAC)....Read More
IRIS Is Registered With Centernet!
Centernet is an international network of digital humanities centers, created in 2007. With our affiliation, IRIS is able to tap into the cooperative and collaborative energies shared amongst the other centers found around the world....Read More
"The Pear Story"
Endangered Languages for the Masses
Inupiaq is an Eskimo-Aleut language cluster spoken by under 2,000 people in Alaska.  Like many other endangered languages, now only elderly Inupiaq are fluent speakers.  ...Read More
Fractal, by artist Suvro Datta
Archiving … You
If  you think it’s only old books and manuscripts that can be digitally preserved, and be topics of debate within the dimension of archiving and digital immortality, then you should read this article that appeared recently in the Sunday New York Times.  ...Read More
Chicago Digital Humanities Colloquium
On November 21-22nd, I attended the Chicago Digital Humanities Colloquium in Evanston, IL. The colloquium brought together librarians, computer scientists, and humanists from across the region to discuss the latest developments in the digital humanities,...Read More
New York Times Article about Digital Scholarship
The New York Times recently published this article about the latest work in the digital humanities and social sciences. ...Read More