Middle School Students Explore Local History and Culture through Digital Humanities Club
Dr. Jessica DeSpain and IRIS scholars lead digital humanities clubs for students from Madison and Venice as part of the Mannie Jackson Center for the Humanities Foundation’s STEM meets Humanities initiative....Read More
Digital East St. Louis in the News
This summer, local students have been exploring East St. Louis’s history and culture in a program run by the IRIS Center and STEM Center at SIUE.  Check out this article from Ed Glen Today to find out what they’ve been up to this summer:  ...Read More
Meet the New IRIS Lab Technician
Hi all!  My name is Katie Knowles, and I am the new Lab Technician for the IRIS Center.  I am very excited to be getting started, and I cannot wait to learn more about some of the Center’s current and up-and-coming projects and the people behind them....Read More
SIUe THATCamp 2016
Theme: Engaging Communities through Digital Humanities Registration is open for the SIUE THATCamp 2016. The unconference will be held June 11-12, 2016 on the beautiful Southern Illinois University Edwardsville campus, located just 25 miles from St....Read More
NSF-Funded Dictionary of Gyalsumdo Released
Of the more than 6,000 languages spoken in the world today, only about 20% of these have established and community-embraced writing systems (orthographies). The other languages have survived through time through oral traditions and transmissions to younger generations....Read More
IRIS Open House January 2016
On January 28th, IRIS hosted its annual open house. Faculty and students from across the university came to the Center to learn about current projects and resources for faculty and students....Read More
IRIS Center Open House: Thursday, January 28, 1-3pm
Join IRIS (Peck Hall, 0226) this Thursday, January 28th from 1-3pm for our annual open house showcase. Learn more about recent and ongoing projects, including: Jason Stacy’s ongoing contributions to the Walt Whitman Archive Digital East St....Read More
SIUE IRIS 2015-2016 Users & Groups
We proudly present the 2015-2016 IRIS users and groups! Stay tuned for 2015-2016 project updates and IRIS users’ first hand accounts on their research, tools, trials, and triumphs.  ...Read More
Introducing the IRIS Lab Technician, Kayla Hays
Hello, IRIS Lab community. This is just a quick blurb to introduce myself and let you learn a bit about where I’m from, how the IRIS Lab and I can assist with your projects,...Read More
Coding for Community
Middle School Students Feature Local Culture and History Through SIUE “Digital East St. Louis” Project East St. Louis middle school students are looking at their city through a camera lens,...Read More