IRIS at Work

Conversation Toward a Brighter Future Spring Summit

This article about our Conversations spring summit highlights the work of some amazing students and teachers in Madison County….Read More

Digital Storytelling Internship

This semester, IRIS intern Christal Sampson investigated ways to create digital storytelling projects with a variety open source software. For her final project, Christal created this digital story about her upcoming graduation from SIUE….Read More

Wide Wide World Updates

Sarah Burt and I have been scanning the many different copies of the novel in order to upload the paratext (everything not included in the text of the story itself) onto the website….Read More

Madison Historical: The Online Encyclopedia and Digital Archive for Madison County, Illinois

Starting in August 2016, the Department of Historical Studies launched “Madison Historical: The Online Encyclopedia and Digital Archive of Madison County” to inform the community about the history and culture of Madison County,…Read More

Digitally Editing Walt Whitman’s Aurora Editorials

Walt Whitman was a journalist for over fifteen years before he wrote Leaves of Grass.  While his journalism has been published in various books for almost 100 years,…Read More

IRIS Student Profile: Sarah Song’s Work on the Manang Languages Project

Hello, my name is Sarah Song and I am a Junior Business Administration major with a specialization in Human Resources. My time as an Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities (URCA) student with Dr. …Read More

Upcoming Omeka Update: A post from student, Ben Ostermeier

For about 4 years now, the Wide, Wide World Digital Edition has used the Omeka web publishing platform. We have not, however, kept up with the updates to the Omeka software,…Read More

The Lessie Bates Davis Neighborhood House and the IRIS Center

Howard Rambsy II

As part of my work with the Institute for Urban Research, I received a small grant to begin scanning hundreds of photographs documenting activities of the Lessie Bates Davis Neighborhood House,…Read More

The Gyalsumdo Language Archive: Have a Look!

Dr. Kristine Hildebrandt and URCA Assistant Tiffany Downing have been working to upload and encode content and also technical and thematic metadata for several transcribed and translated videos of the Gyalsumdo language,…Read More

Exploring Nationality Through Landscape Illustrations

My research project, “Exploring Nationality in the Illustrations of Nineteenth Century Transatlantic Landscapes as a Part of The Wide, Wide World Digital Edition,” is in full swing. The project,…Read More