What we do

We can support you in a variety of ways if you choose to use a digital approach in your class. Our staff can create instances of Omeka and WordPress sites, teach brief introductions to certain digital tools, assist students working on digital senior or exit projects, and provide consultation on how to integrate digital projects into the classroom.

Teaching digital tools

Currently, the IRIS Center offers sessions on:

  • Omeka
  • Scalar
  • WordPress

Please fill out the following form to discuss having an IRIS staff member or student worker visit your class to teach an introduction to one of these digital tools. If you’re interested in sessions on other tools or platforms, please fill out our consultation intake form below.

Classroom Visit Request Form

Senior projects and exit projects

The IRIS Center provides support for students who wish to complete a digital project for their senior or exit projects. To find out more, consult your department’s policy on digital exit projects. We will be happy to meet with you to discuss various options in regard to platform, timeline, and necessary equipment training.


Want to incorporate digital humanities and social sciences into your course? Start by filling out our intake form below. We’ll set up a consultation on how DHSS might mesh with your course content, objectives, and goals.

Teaching Consultation Intake Form

Other things to consider:

Before meeting with IRIS staff, here are some questions to consider:

In regard to platform…

In regard to audience…

  • Who do you want your project to reach?
  • What is your intended impact?
  • What will your project enable people to do?

In regard to sustainability…

  • How will this make use of existing campus resources?
  • Will you use open source software?
  • Does it connect to or contribute to other projects in the field?
  • Does it require extensive custom programming?
  • What is the required project staff?
  • How long do you expect to contribute to this project?
  • What do you want to happen to it when you finish?

In regard to using digital projects in the classroom…

  • Does every student need their own version?
  • Do your students have previous experience with this kind of technology?
  • Will you need this platform for a single class/term or will it be an ongoing teaching tool?
  • Will students work on their digital project just in class or outside of class as well?
  • What level of support will you need from IRIS staff?
  • Will your students need time in the IRIS Center for training and/or to use equipment?
  • Do you need help with web development, and if so, how will you fund it?

Other things to keep in mind…

  • How much new content will be uploaded and how often?
  • How will you handle project promotion and outreach?
  • Who will be responsible for project management?
  • What methods will you use to ensure quality control?
  • In what way will your project maintain cultural awareness and/or handle sensitive content?
  • How will you protect the rights of contributors and enforce the ethical use of content?
  • How will you archive content in addition to what is on the website?
  • What methods will you use for cataloging content on the website?
  • Are you collaborating solely within SIUE or will you also be working with other institutions/individuals?

Questions from http://digitalhumanities.berkeley.edu/resources/technical-evaluation-digital-humanities-projects and http://www.sr.ithaka.org/wp-content/mig/IntakeQuestionnaire.pdf.