Introduces pathway; students learn study skills, practice variable writing modes, develop a schedule of readings and activities, and meet their community partners.

CODE121: Transdisciplinary Communication

Students learn about transdisciplinary approaches and systems thinking as they present their work publicly and write in a variety of genres for multiple formats.

Students design a research plan as they collect, manage, and analyze data, interview community stakeholders, create digital stories, and contextualize their findings.

CODE123: Research and Systems Thinking

Introduces students to designing an ethical research plan and collecting quantitative and qualitative data across disciplines to solve a problem.

CODE220: Community Engagement with Science

Introduces scientific methods as a means of gathering evidence and make informed decisions about scientific topics as they relate to research problems.

CODE221: Research Team III

Introduces community-based participatory research; students work on-site with community partner to conduct surveys, interviews, and experiments.

CODE320: Digital Collaborations

Students complete a public-facing digital collaborative project to explain problem and propose solutions; outcomes incorporate creative non-fiction, graphic design, and data visualization.

CODE420: CODES Capstone

Discusses how the CODES pathway relates to plans for continuing study and careers; students complete resumes, graduate school applications, and portfolios.