This digital anthology was created by students in Honors 120: Questions and the Spirit of Inquiry, taught by Dr. Jessica A. Hutchins at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. The course explores the question “What Is Identity?” through perspectives from the humanities, sciences, arts, and the students’ own lived experience. Click on the links below to start exploring.

Students worked through multiple steps to create this anthology.

They classified different ways to answer the question “What Is Identity?” This included synthesizing topics from across the semester as well as important concepts that we may have missed, glossed over, or that merited further exploration.

They then selected the most important or interesting concepts, which shaped the organization of our anthology: Culture, Relationships, Internal/External Perceptions, and Process.

Students worked in groups to curate content to represents each concept, wrote analytic introductions to frame the curated texts, shared their ideas in oral presentations, identified connections between the groups, and finally built out this website as the culmination of the semester’s work.

View the Fall 2021 Honors 120-FR9 course syllabus.