Connecting digital humanities educators, practitioners, community members, and students across the St. Louis region


DH offers students new points of entry into the humanities and gives them new tools for interrogating sources, evaluating evidence, and forming arguments. DH invites students to apply a humanistic eye to the world of technology that they’re immersed in, to use those same skills to understand and interact with the digital world in a more informed, ethical way.

Community Engagement

Collaborations with community organizations can help to make digital humanities a more equitable field and increase access to technological skills and infrastructures across the metro St. Louis area. Community partnerships also provide students with meaningful spaces to apply their skills.


Digital humanities research encompasses an array of methods that use technology to broaden or deepen our understanding of and engagement with the humanities. Scholars engaging in such practices use computers as more than just tools; rather, they use computing to reimagine how they might interpret and/or share their research.