CODES Training

Digital and Physical Spaces

What are the differences between digital and face-to-face interactions? Digital environments disrupt and complicate the terms of power differentials of age, class, race, and ethnicity because of technological identity, access, and skill-level. How do we engage students in ethical and philosophical questions about their digital lives? If teaching students how to be good citizens is one of our core values, what does it look like to be a good citizen online and what skills do students need to interact and communicate in digital as well as face-to-face environments?

July 24 10:00-10:50 / Peck 3306 All faculty invited



Handout on Interdisciplinary Integration Report

This workshop will provide best practices and examples for constructing an interdisciplinary syllabus based on findings from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine’s report, The Integration of the Humanities and Arts with Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine in Higher Education

July 22 10:00-10:50 / Faculty Center for Development and Innovation All faculty invited



Leading Research Teams

This workshop will discuss best practices for facilitating research teams, which are small collaborative groups of student researchers who, facilitated by a faculty member, design their own course of study and project outcomes to address an issue that interests them. Their design is grounded in problem-based and project-based learning.

July 22 11:00-12:00 / Faculty Center for Development and Innovation All faculty invited



Student and Faculty Statistics Handout

African American student enrollment at SIUE has increased in notable ways over the last ten years, but what has this increase meant for course design? This presentation highlights several key findings concerning African American undergraduate educational experiences and raises the possibility of actively addressing a student population that is less white than it was in the past. Participants will discuss problems with indifference and isolation that students experience at the University and identify useful course design strategies for acknowledging a growing African American student presence at SIUE.

July 22 1:00-1:50 / Faculty Center for Development and Innovation All faculty invited



Digital Humanities Pedagogy in Theory and Practice Presentation

Digital pedagogy goes beyond the use of discussion boards to actively engage students in the creation of digital artifacts that help them explore their content and their research in innovative ways using a variety of media. These practices help students learn new modes of communicating professionally particular to digital environments. However, setting up assignments like these can be daunting for both students and faculty. This workshop will cover best practices for integrating projects like these into courses.

July 24 9:00-9:50 / Peck 3306 All faculty invited