This project aims to capture the stories of survivors of the 2015 Nepal Earthquakes, and following this single theme, provide analysis of representative languages of Nepal.

The project Directors, Research Associates, and Team Members gathered critical first-hand data in the mountainous villages of the Gorkha and Mustang regions of Nepal following the devastating earthquakes of April and May of 2015.  This research material was the foundation of the stories that the project goals intended to capture.

In earnest of contributing to the greater narrative of the Nepal Earthquakes, the initial research materials that formed cohesive stories were stored in the University of Virginia Shanti archive.  Due to the quick onset nature of the research grant, not all materials fit the strict standards of the Shanti archive, and thus this additional project was born.

The construction of this exhibit and the associated archive is intended to highlight the research materials that were not structured in a way that the Shanti archive required, along with a much more detailed description of the project, context, and work performed to create the research materials, and this project exhibit.