NSF REU Research Associates

Tanner Burge-Beckley

Tanner Burge-Beckley is a senior undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science at SIUE.  Outside of his class projects (which include a small medical database project, and a research project involving phylogenetic trees), he designs small web apps in his sparing free time to keep his skills sharp.  He is the principal student developer for customization of the appearance of both this exhibit and the associated data archive.  Upon graduation in December of 2018, he plans to pursue a development position with a large development firm in St. Louis.

Jacob Sebok

Jacob Sebok is an undergraduate student at SIUE pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Anthropology with a minor in Linguistics. His research looking at the effects of Spanish racialization practices on indigenous terms of identity during the conquest of Mexico applies text analysis to 16th century Aztec codices using technologies available within the IRIS center. Jacob worked as part of an interdisciplinary team to develop the Nepal Earthquakes site. His background working with endangered language documentation resources provided a basis for the exhibit and archive designs for this site, and his previous career in information technology informed components of the user interface. Upon finishing his degree at SIUE, Jacob intends to take a year off to research graduate programs and later plans to pursue his Ph.D. in ethnography of contemporary urban American housing.