YPP Course Offered at New England College for Spring 2019

Young People’s Project and New England College have partnered to offer a Spring 2019 course. Maisha Moses and Samuel Freeman are leading the course along with Professor of Education, Bill Preble.

Course Number and Title: ED 3990– Is Math Literacy a Civil Right? Everyone Can Learn Math if it’s FUN!–Field Experience

Course Description:

You don’t need to be good at math or enjoy math to do well in this course. You just need to want to change the world!

In this course, we will explore these questions:

1. What happens to people’s hopes and dreams in the 21 st Century, and their chances for living ahappy, successful life, when they hate math, fear math, or are horrible at math?

2. Are the future life chances and opportunities for success of students from low income or racially and ethnically diverse families, even more profoundly affected when they fail to learn math?

3. Should quality math instruction and math learning for all be a civil right?

4. What are the most effective strategies we can use to help all students understand and successfully learn math?

The course is for students who want to make a positive difference in young people’s lives by helping 4th and 5th grade students get more comfortable with math and learn math by playing math games that make learning math engaging and fun! Join us as we learn how to stand up for mathematics literacy for ALL students as a civil right. Learn how you can help students from one of the most diverse, low-income elementary schools in NH ensure that all of their students are able to learn math, when they are provided with the right kinds of learning opportunities. Become part of the solution to this important problem by becoming a FLAGWAY Coach! Everyone can learn math when it is fun!

Professional Training from The Young People’s Project (YPP):
NEC has provided us with funding to bring a team of world-class trainers to prepare you for your roles as FLAGWAY coaches and math literacy mentors. You will be required to participate in approximately 40 hours of training to prepare you to successfully assume your role as a FLAGWAY coach.

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