What We Do

Drawing from almost three decades of math literacy work and related research, the Algebra Project, Young People’s Project and Southern Initiative Algebra Project, together with collaborating organizations, institutions and individuals are coming together through the NSF INCLUDES opportunity to develop a national alliance focused on providing a quality public school education for all students, with a particular focus on students performing in the bottom quartile on standardized exams in mathematics. We are engaging a “bottom up” organizing approach which aims to build a national Alliance capable of moving the needle on this challenge facing the country.  Students, teachers, school and district leaders, university faculty and leaders, representatives from educational organizations as well as parents and community members are working to develop a national design for best practices in our networks, understanding of what we need to do and what is missing, in relation to what to teach, how to teach it, what and how to asses what is taught and learned in mathematics for students in the bottom quartile.