Summary of our initiative

The human heritage and knowledge encoded in endangered and under documented languages constitutes scientific data that must be preserved. To meet this need, language documentation research must include perspectives and best practices from a diverse array of experts, approaches, and stakeholders. This project brings together established and junior scholars, including Indigenous knowledge-holders from diverse fields such as Anthropology, Arctic Studies, Biology, Environmental Sciences, Geography, Language and Health, Linguistics, Political Science, Social Psychology, and Information Sciences, to create outputs that define, exemplify, and promote sustainable and impactful cross-disciplinary language documentation research.

The experts in this programming will work together to formulate new research questions and methodologies, and to build collaborative work plans that bridge language documentation with areas such as computational infrastructure, data management, and convergence research more generally. This programming will strengthen capacity in language research infrastructure that crosses discipline boundaries and will also strengthen capacity between those in the academy and community-situated stakeholders, advancing transformative knowledge in the language sciences.

To read more about this initiative, including the organization of events, visit the “About” page.

If you are interested in participating in this initiative, please reach out to the directors:

Kristine Hildebrandt or Racquel-María Sapién.

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