Neo-Slave Narrative

By Elizabeth Cali The neo-slave narrative is a literary genre that focuses on novelistic representations and explorations of slavery which emerged in the latter half of the 20th century and were written by Black authors who had not personally experienced enslavement. These narratives are distinct in that they take the experience of enslavement and slavery’s Neo-Slave Narrative

A Checklist of Marc Olden’s books

By Howard Rambsy II Novels1973: Narc (Narc series as Robert Hawke)1974: Death of a Courier (Narc series as Robert Hawke)1974: Death List (Narc series as Robert Hawke)1974: The Delgado Killings (Narc series as Robert Hawke)1974: Kill the Dragon (Narc series as Robert Hawke)1974: Black Samurai (Black Samurai series)1974: The Golden Kill (Black Samurai series)1974: Killer A Checklist of Marc Olden’s books

Teaching Morrison Beyond Fiction

By Elizabeth Cali When Toni Morrison’s writing comes up in conversation, the subject is commonly one or more of her novels. But what if students enter Toni Morrison’s novels by way of her nonfiction writings, interviews, and public talks? Beginning with Morrison’s nonfiction works offers students a pathway and frame for approaching the challenging material Teaching Morrison Beyond Fiction

Reading & Teaching Fiction

By Elizabeth Cali and Howard Rambsy II What are the benefits and challenge of reading fiction by black writers? And what is gained by covering novels with students? We do not have nearly enough information about the intrinsic experiences of reading novels. We need more narratives about the sense of wonder or puzzlement folks experienced Reading & Teaching Fiction